Title Description Link
Regular Routes Module
Regular route collection scheduling
Route Master – Scheduled Services list, auto-run-generation, dispatch to mobile devices, run sheet confirmation, route map displays and re-sequence by drag and drop or save last driven sequence, also handles late ring-ins, odd cycles and bin site fees. Extensions for onboard weighing, liquid, medical=barcodes, DD
Route Optimising Module
Commercial regular route optimisation
Optimise from 100-500 route collection services taking into account start/end depot location, shortest driven path between sites, truck volume/weight capacities, site specific access restrictions, proximity of disposal sites and locked sequences
Casual Bin Hire Module
Skip/hook-lift casual bin-hire bookings and billing
Casual ad-hoc bookings, weekend bin hire withlinked delivery / pickup services, includes COD or Account pricing by map Zone, disposal charges by weight, and additional charges for permits, labour or equipment, time-grouped work-list dispatch scheduling, auto allocation by driver map area, emails signed edockets on PDA
Wastedge Weighbridge Module
Integrated weighbridge scale data capture gatehouse ticketing and billing
Commercial weighbridge landfill or transfer station gatehouse weight ticket processing for customer or hauler vehicles with inbound or outbound material rates able to be set per material type or per weighbridge site rate, or customer specific material pricing – simple number plate entry or pre-booked job or routes
Wastedge Accounts Receivable Module
Cash receipts – debit/credit adjustments – ATB
Cash receipts, bank deposit listing, ledger posting summaries and adjustments (Dr/Cr) processing, Aged Trial Balance Credit Review supports follow up payment reminder notes and email payment prompts, plus credit hold status management.
iWaste – Mobile iPad Apps
Paperless regular collection run-lists and bulk skip jobs management
Download joblists, show on map, nav guides to job, sign on glass, attach pics of blocked access, scan barcodes, add weights, enter tip-fee details, receive realtime additions, changes, recall jobs, transfer jobs to other drivers, add fail reason notes, send/receive messages, add extra charges, see prior trails for best saved route.
iWaste – Mobile iPhone Apps
Regular collection runs and bulk skip mobile order management software
Same as ipad functions, able to be sync’d with RFid Scanner sleeve for bin delivery/ maintenance, options and settings for regular list, with bin qty adjust and weights option, or bulk ad hoc skip jobs with tip details per job for removals/exchanges, find bin serial loc, add job for illegal dumping, add new job or extra services, …
iWaste Vehicle GPS tracking module
Web and mobile software
Office user GPS tracking map monitor to show current real-time truck trails or replay prior day trails and events, quick proof of service – show any passing truck and lift event within 500 mtrs, shows regular lift or skip trails with wait time icons, or residential trail colours by service group (waste stream) and error events
iWaste – Mobile Truck Tracker Module
Mobile field staff truck tracker app (travel trails and driver messages)
This simplified mobile version of GPS truck tracker is for mobile operations managers who want to see what trucks are online (logged in) at any time, and see where they have been today or on prior dates, and can send / receive messages from drivers.
iWaste Bin Booker App
Mobile device or web customer self-service requests booking app
This is a customer self service app for waste company customers to select and copy prior bookings or service lines to log additional or call in service requests that can be confirmed by office admin as accepted or customers can be advised when can be done. Allows customer office staff or yard foreman to book jobs after hours.
Commercial Customer Self Service Portal
Self-Service bookings and account enquiries 24/7
Provides waste company customers with self service access to view service calendar schedules or view prior bookings details, dockets and invoices (& reprints) with service statistics and monthly sales charts, as well as environmental waste diversion from landfill % charts, with site comparisons by waste type and
iWaste Sales rep Module
Prospect visits tracking and CRM module
Mobile device web app captures prospect details and contact notes, with pop-up visit follow-up reminders, Service Agreement print or quotes PDF merge, and sales reporting / pipeline charts as well as map displays of current customer / routes and prospect business search to assist with route gap filling. (+ attach site pics)
Residential Callcentre Module
Residential service requests management
Resident services register provides a base for route area zone mapping and boundary assignment of services within by waste stream, for route planning – resident service request calls and complaints can then be registered against any address. Also provides a base for onboard collection routes scheduling/dispatch
Residential Onboard Module (WNi7 or iPad)
Residential on-board driver support systems
Residential mobile apps for Windows or iPad for driver pickup list dispatch and automated collection confirmation by vehicle arm-lifts at nearest map loc, or RFid tag read confirmation, plus GPS trail monitor and replay with truck day profile KPI charts
Residential iWaste Kerbside Module
Residential inorganic hard goods – white goods – eWaste and dumped items
Mobile iPhone or iPad app for clean-up teams to see where kerbside cleanup job locations are on the map and record before/after pictures. Supports multi stream ability for drivers to alert other-stream site linked job cancellations if booked jobs no longer on Kerbside (to save futile travel if scalpers got there first)
Residential iWaste Field Service Module
Residential field service inspector app for iPads
Provides field inspectors with a map of where selected route collections are on the map as well as prior week’s route trail to help them get out in front of the truck and add inspection checklists, notes, voice memo annotations and attach pictures of any contamination or placement problems.
Residential Multi Vehicle Capacity Requirements Planning
Residential routes workload optimisation
Rough cut capacity planning model where you can setup standard vehicle pickup rates, truck volume/weight capacity, depot and disposal site information to apply to varying run density across pickup day of service area- to predict number of vehicles required and suggest optimal route area breakup for workload balancing
iWaste RFS – Service Calendar & Requests
From an email, web page, any mobile device, anywhere at any time…
This self-service software module runs on any smart mobile device or web browser and ets ratepayers raise service requests or complaints from their smart phones or from a web page. This lets your customers do their own data entry at a time and place of their convenience instead of waiting in phone queues or needing call centre staff to listen to lengthy verbal complaints then transpose into the text of the request.