Re-inventing How Waste Companies Work

Wastedge simplifies and streamlines waste business processes. With smart cloud software, easy to use mobile apps and accurate mapping tools our software increases efficiency, reduces paperwork, operations and admin costs, freeing resource capacity for growth and increased service agility.

Web Software, Mapping & Mobile Systems

for the Waste Industry mobile apps dramatically improve frontline staff communication, responsiveness and efficiency

… while helping mobile staff reduce paperwork, time and travel between sites.


Software as a Service to Help Assign, Dispatch and Confirm Work Done

Streamlined paperless workflows, from customer request, to work assignment and job confirmation onsite
Captures realtime data at source and streamlines the pathway through to integrated billing

Residential Mapping, Mobile and Automated

Data Capture Systems

For Residential Automated Bin-lift capture, driver route guides and voice notes or Kerbside Proof of Service Job-list-maps and easy Photo-grab – why not let our mobile / onboard apps do most of the data capture for you and help drivers get their work done more efficiently.


A Wastedge Customer Profile

Wastedge customers work smarter not harder with the use of paperless electronic run-sheets that show drivers shortest routes on their mobile tablets and enable realtime communication of GPS trail data and bin-lift confirmations along with photos of any blocked access or damaged or contaminated bins.

Our customer’s customers can also use phone apps or web portals to allow after hours booking requests from a smart phone or web portal, improving customer service and retention.

Watch our short video and if interested contact us for more information or try an obligation free trial.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Feedback real-time job confirmations to CSRs

  • Dispatch late-ring-ins while driver in area

  • Dispatcher can view truck/driver Location GPS trails

  • Map & voice navigation guides help new drivers

  • Re-order job sequences by drag-and-drop

  • Sort/review run-list by suburb

  • User defined job-failure reasons

  • Add site pictures to jobs
    (blocked access)

  • Download linked site map pics / documents

  • Scan Barcodes with camera or device sleeve

  • Scan equipment serial or item RFid tags

  • Select job start /end time or duration

  • Prompt & Record Fatigue Breaks / wait time

  • Capture job signatures – sign by fingertip!

  • Email job confirm ‘PDF’ dockets with signature

  • GPS timestamp proof of service

  • Enter cash/card payment details

  • Add or copy new job or extra items

  • Allow driver to add miscellaneous charges

  • Optional on-board vehicle check lists

  • Optionally job check-lists / select or input

  • Supervisor able to Reassign jobs to others

  • Display real-time driver location & job status

  • Display route travel trails (keep best run history)

  • Add Driver messages

  • Driver vehicle or equipment problem notes

  • Automates run time and distance summaries

  • Pricing covers labour, items, equipment use

  • Consumables, time & charges per task

  • Integrated Invoicing (email PDFs)

“Read what our Clients are saying about”

“Use of Wastedge electronic run-sheets on iPads has brought us significant day to day benefits”
“Wastedge has enabled us to double our business, without matching increase in admin staff”
“We’ve implemented Wastedge for our regular collections management without any technical assistance needed. Support and guidance from the supplier when we’ve needed it has been prompt and excellent!”
“We couldn’t handle the paperwork without it!”
“We wouldn’t have been able to manage these 3 council contracts without it! Gives the councils excellent proof of service.”
“Onboard systems give us realtime info on business activity”