here’s a sea change coming in the merging of several major technology innovations into a conflux of:

  • secure cloud hosted servers, network infrastructure and virtual machine operating systems;
  • core business software now available as a subscription service via web browsers;
  • integrated mobile “apps” on tablets and smart phones for field staff and customers.

These merging streams have built up a flood-tide of pressure, ready to burst through the applications access floodgates, that was previously pent-up behind internal IT implementation or development backlogs.

Local IT industry watch’s “Rust Report” notes that: “New business models, new economic realities and new customer buying patterns warrant a pretty serious look at business transformation. There’s simply no denying that the way IT goods and services are sold, delivered and managed is undergoing a fundamental shift from product transactions to servicesoriented selling”.

User departments are bypassing their internal IT procurement processes for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) apps and subscribing to pay as you use, pre-installed, cloud hosted, ready-to-go web services. This leaves IT departments grappling with internal network security risks on their out-dated hardware systems, afraid that exposing these old systems to external mobile networks and internet access will open up more holes in their fragile firewalls. At the same time they are rushing to find new Mobile Device Management (MDM) administration software to help control ‘allowed’ mobile apps, version consistency and manage upgrades across the variety of device options and operating systems available in the mobile apps marketplace.

So internet technologypre-installed cloud hosted apps and mobiles are speeding up deployment and swift adoption of new business process support systems, upending the traditional business systems procurement and implementation models. Pre-installed cloud hosted systems enable you to start at the end. Ready-to-use software, Prêt-à-Porter, means you just load your data, train and go! No expensive server hardware procurement, no software installation or network infrastructure to set up or manage!

The power to subscribe to new apps has now moved out of IT departments restraining hands and out from capital expenditure constraints to within the operating expense budgets of pay as you use software as a service one demand over the internet from secure cloud servers. Check-out whats available today – go surf for waste software apps on the web

Whether you dip a toe in – or immerse yourself – the digital tsunami is coming!  ‘See change coming!’ whether you’re ready or not?–