Today we are experiencing an absolutely phenomenal revolution in the Information Technology industry with the rapid adoption of:

  • cloud computing,
  • tablet technology,
  • smart phones, and
  • mature mobile apps

New statistics from the Australian Communications & Media Authority, as quoted in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) claim a total of 30.2 million mobile services in Australia during the 2011/2012 financial year. That’s two (2) mobile services per working adult in Australia.

50 years ago people said there’d only be the need for one TV per household. Yesterday I heard a woman on morning talk-back radio with a “modern-society” complaint, that her 4th TV in the household couldn’t get any good reception.

n the near future there will not only be multiple phone chips per person but we’ll end up with a smart phone, a tablet, one or more home PCs, or a voice or hand-wave controlled internet-enabled-TV. Your car

will have its own coms chip, and your house will have a variety of WIFI connected devices and appliances.

For instance Lokitron has a door lock due out in March 2013 that you can lock or unlock from your smartphone from anywhere in the world, or it can be set for keyless entry with blue-tooth autosensing on proximity of the right password enabled device.

Imagine your garbage truck being able to open the site gate for you and unlock the bin on approach!

With everything from trucks to traffic lights and Coke vending machines now having SIM cards to connect to “the inter- net of things”, its predicted that there’ll be more than 3 million machine to machine chips in Australia by 2015.<!> AFR notes: “By the end of the year there will be more mobile devices on earth than people, according to the world’s biggest chip maker, Qualcomm”

GPS hardware suppliers.