The is a modern cloud based suite of software as a web service with integrated Google mapping, route optimisation and mobile software apps that support a wide variety of waste organisations in the following waste & service industry sectors:

  • Commercial & Industrial Regular Route Collections
  • Construction & Demolition Ad-hoc Bin Hire
  • Security & Document Destruction Services
  • Recyclables Collection & Reprocessing
  • Medical Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Grease trap & Septic tank Liquid Wastes Collection
  • Hazardous Wastes Collection, Lab-testing & Disposal
  • Mobile Field Service Staff / Site Inspections
  • Broker / Subcontractor collaborative systems
  • Residential Routes & Resident Service Requests management
  • Weighbridge Operations for Landfill and Transfer station operations

Wastedge apps focus on the following functional business process areas:

  • sales prospecting & contract renewals
  • commercial accounts & service pricing administration
  • resource scheduling & workload clustering
  • regular route optimisation
  • regular route generation & dispatch
  • onboard job lists, GPS tracking & navigation guides
  • mobile software for iPads, tablets, PCs & PDAs
  • residential route workload balancing
  • residential onboard truck data capture (GPS, lift events, photos, RFID)
  • commercial services, tipping & rentals invoicing & receivables
  • user defined reporting and KPI business activity monitors
  • self service customer enquiries, reprints and bookings

Our head office and development team are based in Sydney and we have regional staff in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland. Wastedge International is a growing consortium of waste software specialist companies who resell and support our Wastedge software in the UK, Europe and South Africa.

Our depth of experience has grown from working with a wide variety of large and small organisations over the last 15 years. We’ve spent the last 3 years creating the industry’s first and only true multi-tenant SaaS cloud and mobile applications software suite. Wastedge is currently hosted on high security professionally managed servers in major data centres in Australia, Europe, the UK and USA.

Our innovation in the extensive integration of Google mapping and mobile devices with GPS tracking plus picture/signature data capture on top of the extensive application functionality differentiates us from all other transport/logistics offerings.


  • Waste Software Experts
  • Size & Experience
  • International Partners
  • Regional Resllers
  • Secure Cloud Servers
  • Data Security/Privacy Policy


  • Streamline Waste Business Processes
  • Reduce Administrative Effort
  • Increase Operational Productivity
  • Optimise Route Efficiency
  • Decrease Travel Time & Cost
  • Improve Service Responsiveness
  • Maximum Business Activity Visibility


  • Automate Business Processes
  • Extend Communications to FieldStaff
  • Reduce paperwork & multi-handling
  • Automate Onboard Data Capture
  • Simplify usage with Mobile Apps
  • Visualise with Mapping Integration


  • Commercial & Industrial Waste Collections
  • Paper Recycling & Security Destruction
  • Construction & Demolition Services
  • Liquid Waste Collection Services
  • Medical Waste Collection Tracking
  • Residential Routes / Services Management